I climb into the taxi in Bowness on Solway. It’s such a strange feeling being in a vehicle, almost unnatural. The irony of being rushed by places in mere minutes compared to truly being in nature as I walked along was not lost on me. I arrive back to the train station in Carlisle in just under thirty minutes, a place that took me two days to walk from….

I board the train, and am soon back in Edinburgh, Scotland. A powerful yet quiet aura is surrounding me. I am different, while everything and everyone one around me is the same.

After checking into my final hotel, I head back outside, and just starting walking aimlessly. I end up on the top of a hill overlooking this beautiful city.

A mighty crag that I barely noticed when I started this journey weeks ago speaks to me deeply.

A quiet middle eastern restaurant calls my name. Sipping one hundred year old whiskey as a rain storm suddenly opens up a downpour on the streetwalkers.

Tomorrow I head back home, and realize that I will slowly morph back into my old self, but not entirely.

There will always be a part of me, no matter how small, that will always feel the power of this journey, this walk, and how it fundamentally changed something inside of me.

Let’s close the chapter on this story.