It’s been ten months since my solo trip to the amazing country of Peru. My final thoughts of this adventure are of our last night on the Aqua with the crew, and then seeing the isolated town of Iquitos.

We started our final evening learning how to make Pisco sour’s ( the official drink of Peru ), and ceviche, a raw fish delicacy. Both were amazing, although I doubt I could re-create either very well.

the chef making ceviche

The crew then broke out into a variety of songs, leading to dancing and general revelry by all. Without a doubt a night I will always remember, not only for the hospitality, but the friendships formed with both passengers and crew.


We docked early the next morning in Iquitos. Cut off from the rest of the country by jungle and the mighty Amazonian river herself, the town has old world charm unique to the culture and people that live here.

As we walked the streets, I notice the graffiti here and there. The street art captivates the artist in me ( or at least the artist I wish to be).

We go to a market to see what the locals have on display. One shop in particular catches my eye, showcasing absolutely beautiful hand carved wood pieces. I remember being hesitant about spending the “tourist price”, but upon reflection, wish I had.
Lesson learned.

I continue exploring the market, mingling with the people and just enjoying the day. It was not even noon, but in Iquitos, time doesn’t seem to have much relevance. If you feel like a siesta, it’s siesta time.

From the people to the climate, I will always cherish my time in Iquitos. Adios amigos!

Please enjoy a snippet of the crew of the Aqua singing for us…(The gentleman playing guitar died from a freak boat explosion on the Aqua only a few months later…)

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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