A couple of months ago when j.D. and Dori mentioned they were working on a launch party fundraiser in L.A. to bring recognition to Build.Create.Kenya, I realized that our dream was becoming a reality. On October 27th, 2012, the stars aligned and all of our hard work paid off in spades…..

P and I flew out to Cali the night before so that the four of us could start getting set up first thing in the morning. From setting up the stage for the bands, to creating registration tables, a slideshow of pictures from our collective years working in Kenya, the remembrance wall of children and the bar for our thirsty patrons, it was non-stop work right until showtime….

remembrance wall where you could write a letter to a child
working the front door and collecting parking fee’s
BCK wristbands and buttons

…but we pulled it off.

The bands BCK got for the event all played rockin’ set lists for free, and each one was amazing!

Always Press Record
Birds of a Feather
The Royal Heist
Fortress Social Club

The awareness that BCK was able to generate about what we are trying to accomplish in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya was successful in every aspect. I couldn’t be more proud of the four us with our first event. I think that we now realize that it is only our own limitations that can stop us from achieving our goals, and BCK has no limitations.

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