Ok. So it’s Friday and i’m still going out of my freakin mind with boredom here at work, so i’d thought I’d dig a little deeper into the phenom that ‘Facebook’ is becoming. After playing around on it most of this afternoon, I sent invites to the vast network of friends i currently have :
Jackie( CJ’s wife as i couldn’t find him on there…i like his wife better anyway)
Janae (Darin’s wife….i like his wife better as well)
Mark Maines
Most likely some of Aaron’s friends who have no idea who i am (Hee!!!)

I’m letting ya’ll know this because it will most likely come across as ‘Willy Thomas’, as i just changed my Facebook name to my real name about 14 minutes ago.

P.S. i think that most of the facebook games, quizzes, etc…are retarded so don’t get offended if i don’t participate, but i love to see pic’s of what people are doing, or plan on doing, or wish they were doing….

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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