Time is one fast moving entity. Eleven years ago it was when I last set foot into Bryce Canyon. A new decade finds me back at the entrance to the National Park, and on not more than a whim and my National Parks Pass do I decide to turn up the road to find a hiking trail.

Just past the lodge I find the Fairyland Loop, which would be almost nine miles altogether. It’s a cloudless November day as I start hiking. The sun starts to rise in the East as a full moon is on glorious display in the western horizon.

Unreal hoodoo landscapes are revealed around each bend in the trail, continually taking my breath away. Trees that find a way to grow from rock and sandstone. Great precipices force me to carefully watch my footing as I go deep into the wilderness.

I make good time completing the loop, which fills me with immense satisfaction.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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