I had the date marked on my calendar since April, and on August 14th, I arrived to be one of the first people in line, hours before the show started…John Butler Trio was in the house!


Their music is amazing, and being half Aussie myself, I feel a deep and undeniable connection that can only be explained by having the same heritage. When John speaks, I listen.

The night was surreal in its intimacy. A smaller crowd than usual for a Red Butte show, and with the wildfire burning in the mountains above, white ash was falling everywhere. The blood red half moon kept a watchful eye over all…..

John tells us the meaning behind the songs before he sings, letting one truly bond to the musical message. Lessons in being true to yourself, respect for the land, homage to those that lived before us, the environment and the Earth in general.

Epic solo instrumental numbers are followed by crazy dance jam classics. As they blow on the Didgeridoo, the crowd is in awe from the surreal, haunting Aussie sound this Aboriginal instrument makes….

Halfway through the evening, JBT asks the crowd how many are seeing and hearing them for the first time. 99% of the crowd raises their hand. I’m shocked and pleased simultaneously. John Butler Trio deserves the recognition.

The words that John seems to scream out at every show ring in my ears, reminding me of one incredible night…


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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