The boat is skimming quickly across the calm waters, navigating around mangrove cayes with ease. The sun occasionally makes its presence felt through the Caribbean clouds.

We are on the search for manatees.

We find a open spot of water surrounded by mangroves to the east and west. You can catch glimpses of the ocean floor, perhaps fifteen to twenty feet below.

Manatees must come up to the surface every three to five minutes for a breath, so we know that if they are in this area, the waiting won’t be long.

The beautiful tail of a Mother arches the waters surface, then splashes playfully down. Through the crystalline water we see a young calf next to the mothers side.

They head down to eat the sea grasses on the oceans floor, then rise again for us to see, over and over again.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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