I’ve always wanted to try a zip line somewhere, but haven’t had the opportunity. Finding myself in the Bocawina Falls National Park in Belize changed all of that.

Bocawina has the longest zip line in Central America, and as we are getting geared up our guide tells us that after a short hike in the jungle, we’ll be zipping to eight different tree house stations, with the longest section covering a half mile, going at a minimum speed of sixty miles per hour.

My heart was racing from adrenaline.

We start by doing a small test section to give each of us a feel what to do, proper hand placement, etc…
I’m nervous, but their are many in our group that is also doing this for the first time, so I’m not the only one with the jitters.

My time for the first section comes, and after being securely strapped in, off I go….

I must have been more nervous than I thought though, as I hand braked too soon and came up about ten feet short of the subsequent tree house landing platform. Doh!

I pull myself hand over hand along the cable to the platform. Lesson learned. The next section I was determined to not let that happen again….

Flying through the trees high above the ground, I successfully make it to the next section. With each zip, my form improves, the rush becoming greater and greater!

The zip line at Bocawina certainly was an incredible experience!

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