If the truth be told, I hadn’t been a part of a countdown to a New Year for many, many years.

When one finds them self on the other side of the world though for the beginning of a New Year, exceptions must be made.

My last day of 2012 started with a Cirque De Soleil movie premiere party. Held in the Lucerne Palace, I sip my complimentary champagne as I find my way to my seat to enjoy the festivities.

The movie was entertaining, although the party afterwards was difficult for me since everyone was speaking Czech. I didn’t last long before I decided to move the party to the rooftop of my hotel. They were putting on quite the show, full of entertainment and cocktails galore.

From my favourite Pilsner Urquell, the local beer, a snifter of Hennessy, and a lovely champagne toast at the magical hour, I laughed and loved with strangers as the night sky illuminated with fireworks, stirring wishful hopes in all those watching for the year ahead…..

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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