The cold, snow and ice has gripped my hometown in a killer’s vice, the inversion of dirty pollution has one coughing like a coal miner. It was time for warmer weather and to see if the sky was still blue somewhere in the world.

What I found could be the start of the zombie apocalypse, which suited my mood just fine.

California’s largest lake is fed by the Colorado river, and has no outlet. The rising salinity endangers all that make this a temporary or permanent refuge. Nothing is safe : fish, bird, human.

I walk into a killing field of Tilapia. The appearance of a sandy shore, upon further inspection, is nothing more than the grounded remains of the fish that can’t survive the rising salt content.

The sun is deceptively warm, and burns skin bright red. Trains appear out of nowhere, screaming their maddening shrill along the desert landscape like a haunted ghost. Mirages of double rainbows heighten my vision, floating carcasses appear as picturesque images in the crystal clear waters.

I sit and wait for the end of the world.

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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