Every Mother’s day, we all show our love to you in various ways. You get flowers in all kinds of arrangements,


different styles, vases, and cards.


But I thought to myself, do I ever tell you, to your face, how much you mean to me?
As we make your favourite dinner ( shishkabobs this year, with Janae’s garden fresh lettuce and beets),
I thought about what I admire about you.

How you left your home country, by your self, at the tender age of 18 to come to North America to follow your heart. How brave you are to keep your head and spirit strong dealing with health problems as they arise ( and beating them). How I look up to you and the way you have made such a positive impact in the world after Trudi’s death. How you are a wonderful Grandma. How you have always supported me.

   I sat back observing as you enjoyed your day, and I thought about all these things and more. I am happy to see you happy.
Skirt made by Mum’s uber talented daughter in law, Janae.

One Reply to “for my Mum from down under”

  1. what can I say, my oldest, my firstborn. we have been through so much and have come out better for the trials and experiences.
    you make me proud to be your mother.
    i love you.

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