With that mantra being hailed among the thousands of participants at this year’s Susan Komen SLC Race for the Cure, our little family was ready to give it our best.

Crazy legs was so excited that her hair was electric! It took a little longer for Cbug to get into it……

Darin was stretched and ready to run the entire 5K, and we all cheered as the race began.

Crazy legs stayed with me this year, and we completed the 5k together. This Uncle was quite proud of her.

Grandpa and Cbug followed up the back of the pack, but did so in excellent fashion, and Cbug was happy to receive treats at the end of such a journey.


Crazy legs was so happy and proud to tell Grandma that she completed the race.
Anyone wearing a pink race shirt is a breast cancer survivor, and we all love our Grandma!
See ya’ll next year!

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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