The hospitality offered up in Spean Bridge combined with beautiful morning weather has my spirits high for my second day on the Great Glen Way. I take up the offer of a ride back to the route though, wish my host a wonderful day, and as he leaves he shouts out to me to “wish the girls well when you see them tonight!”

I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly, cross the loch bridge and get to walking. Hardly a cloud in the sky.

Day two follows Lochy Loch in its entirety, ending in the village of South Laggan. Having water so close to me as I walk is a special treat I’ve not had since those days along Loch Lomond over a week ago. The trail is smooth and easy as well, so I can enjoy the scenery, the soft lapping of waves that reach the shore, the sound of birds in the trees. Nothing like Loch Lomond where I was focused on muddy trails, gnarly tree roots and slippery rocks.

I was ready for an easier path.

The old forestry track covers most of this journey. I walk in silence looking for woodland creatures, but find none. Fisherman in all manner of boats are spotted here and there on the Loch. Hawks circle above taking in the warm sunshine.

The late afternoon brings in the clouds as I reach the edge of Lochy Loch. Green pastures full of Scottish sheep welcome me. I see a boat docked along the edge of the river, made into a bar/restaurant. Seeing as though it is the only food option around, I make a reservation for dinner, then carry onward.

Only one more small forest to go through before reaching my hosts for the night.

Emerging from the forest I find myself back on the small, yet busy highway. It doesn’t take long though to reach my B & B, a lovely country farmhouse. The girls welcome me warmly, a wonderful, older gay couple. We chat for a spell about my journey, etc…then they let me shower and rest before giving a lift down to the ship for my dinner.

“Just tell the girl running the bar to call us when you are ready and we’ll come pick you up!”

I am sitting below deck in the bowels of the boat. Locals are having drinks, dogs resting at their owners feet. I get the largest bowl of fresh cut vegetables I’ve ever had served to me, with a lovely bit of salmon. I devour every last bite.

The tiny village of South Laggan has my heart.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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