I couldn’t believe it had been twenty years since I’d last seen the Red Rock landscapes around Moab and Dead Horse Point. My life over these last ten years have been all about seeing new things and having new experiences. What that did though was take me away from local gems in my own backyard.

I foresee these next fifteen years will be more about road trips than last minute weekend flights. Have truck, will travel. In the early morning light I find a dirt road with a sign for Gemini Bridges. I pop the gears into four wheel drive and slowly climb over rocks and up the mountains as the sun rises.

My nerves are on high alert as I get going, as I usually have my brother with me for these type adventures. He is the mechanical one, not me. Yet with each rock I successfully climb over, each hole in the road I maneuver through, my nerves relax as my confidence grows. The back country lifts up her skirt and shows me a whole new world.

It’s a unique feeling of freedom out here by your self, your true self if you will let that happen. Strip down your soul to revel your animal nature.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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