I can still hear the infamous opening riff of “Black Dog” from the album Led Zeppelin IV. The tape played non stop in my basement bedroom as a young kid.
Some thirty odd years later, the music sounds the same, only the faces have changed.
 The Phoenix Symphony put on an amazing showcase of Led Zeppelin songs over the weekend, and Robert Plant look alike, New Orleans native Randy Jackson, brought the voice (and the hair).
The super sexy Isabella Rezy, from El Paso, flew in to lend her talents on electric violin. Conductor Brent Havens had his orchestra in fine form for one of the greatest nights of music I’ve experienced.
I think that when you let musicians have the freedom to play material out of their normal genre like this, something magical is unleashed in both the performers and the audience.
Like when they let the drummer go wild on the rock drum solo classic, Moby Dick.
Enjoy the music of Led Zeppelin.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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