Bon Iver is derived from the French phrase bon hiver  ( French meaning “good winter”)

Hope is that one takes the time to appreciate the circle of things in life. A mere three weeks ago a man was bored in California, randomly texting friends to see who was going to join this lonely boy for the Memorial Day concert at home.
No bites, but one inquiring mind wanted to know if he had his ticket for the Bon Iver show the following evening.
He’d heard the name, but the band gets no airtime here, so the man  wasn’t too keen on going. But the girl persisted, so he coughed up a proverbial lung for a scalpers ticket, and found himself at his third concert in as many days.
How old am I? No matter, it’s all about the girls and the music….

As much as one enjoys time to himself, the company of good people is always welcome. We sat in comfort and smiled as the music played.
Bon Iver cast an enchanting spell over us all. At the end, we all stood arm in arm, wrapped in blankets and good spirits, swaying to the beautiful final melodies of the evening.

As he returned home, a message was awaiting him to check out a song not sung by the band that night. It was the girls favourite, so he gave it a listen.
As he told her after hearing it, and is telling you dear readers now, this song is to be played at either his wedding or funeral, whichever comes first. I hope if it’s the latter, someone will abide my wishes.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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