Goodbye Big Bend

I stop to wish a fond farewell to the goat mayor of Lajitas before I hit the road that will eventually take me back home.

It’s just after 6am on the first day of 2018. I stop in the middle of the road and thank the Great Spirit for watching over me.
Big Bend has renewed my soul. I will not be changing in any great way, but in small pieces, bit by bit, until I break free of my cocoon and emerge with a renewed purpose and energy.
Yes, that is the goal for this New Year that lays ahead of me. As I write this, we are almost six months into 2018, and I feel that all the hope I felt that day is coming to fruition, slowly but surely, like a caterpillar working its way through metamorphosis and into a beautiful butterfly.

Change isn’t easy.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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