It’s mid morning on a Sunday, and I’m driving through the high northern Arizona desert. The crackling of the radio only quiets on the National Public Radio station. I let it play.
They are talking about Sarah Jarosz and her new album. The single House of Mercy is played, and her hauntingly beautiful voice stays with me.
As soon as I get home, I find that she is touring, and with a couple of clicks, I find myself walking in Fremont, Seattle’s famed “center of the universe” district, towards the Neptune.
While on the plane, I do a little more digging and find that the opening act is a band by the name of Hip Hatchet. I love the name, and the singer’s beard even more.
When he starts to sing though, magic happens.
Heartfelt lyrics, true Americana.
Both artists create an atmosphere of chills and joy. It’s that rare combination that one hopes for when seeing a show.
As I step out into the cool summer Seattle evening, I find myself under the marquee. I stop for a moment and close my eyes under the soft lights, and marvel at the experience I just had.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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