The mountains are only ten minutes from my house, and today they are covered in new snow.
I try something for the first time, and with snowshoes strapped to my feet, I walk into the winter wonderland.
It’s like I’ve passed through the wardrobe and into Narnia.

Driving from Seattle to Alaska with only my music.
Hiking in the wiles of the Arizona desert, me and the sky, the sun.
Reading a book, finding myself so immersed that all my surroundings disappear.
Exploring the Pacific Northwest, looking for the elusive Sasquatch.
Roaming the Vatican Museums for hours on end, lost and content.
Mountain biking the majestic peaks over Albuquerque.
Listening to Jazz on the radio late at night, losing all concept of time.

Snowshoeing my way through the wilderness, in my own backyard.

4 Replies to “in my own backyard…”

  1. I love your comparison of snowshoeing to passing through the wardrobe into Narnia. I've added a note and a link to this article from my recent post.

    Thank you for sharing. I bet you live in a beautiful place.


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