Self-awareness. I used to think it was just a buzz word, something people said to sell you product, an ideal, a word you would see as a topic of discussion for a daytime talk show. Things are changing for me though as I experience more of this life, and I find myself all the time questioning the “why”.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve become more aware of what I eat. Lately, the focus has been why  I eat certain things. Ric O’Barry ( former dolphin trainer of Flipper and current whale activist and one of the many courageous people behind the making of the extraordinary, amazing documentary The Cove), eloquently stated that when you realize a creature’s self awareness, of WHO they are, you find yourself compelled to protect them from harm. The whales already protect us humans from harms way in the oceans. Find out more here.

This thought kept rattling around my skull as I observed the uniqueness and beauty of what lives in our oceans,albeit from behind thick Plexiglas. I felt creatures looking back at me, directly into my eyes, not with wonderment or curiosity, but with some haunted expressions longing to be free, to return home. Maybe some will when they are ready.

I’ve returned a changed person, in habit and philosophy.
I’m finding I love whales and supporting Africa. I guess I’m more self aware.

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  1. Our Ocean is Beautiful and mysterious but wont be much Longer if folks keep dumping sludge in it.Get involved in a local Enviromental group and see how you can stop the crime of ocean Polution!Trish

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