It has literally been over 20 years since I stepped inside the Hansen Planetarium in Salt Lake City. So long in fact, that they moved locations and changed their name to the Clark Planetarium.
But what hasn’t changed is my love for science, space, and our planet Earth. I decided to take my nieces and nephew along to share in that love.
We started by watching the 3-D movie, “The Last Reef”, that was showing on an enormous 5 story high movie screen.
It was Flooey’s first time seeing something in 3-D. As we learned about the fragile ocean reef ecosystem, I laughed as she tried to reach out and touch the jellyfish as they floated by.
After the show, we all committed to become better at recycling and caring for our oceans. We then moved on down to the science exhibits, where we learned about the moon’s orbit, how tornadoes are formed, planetary alignment, and the power of electricity.
“It’s not Science fiction, it’s Science! and it’s awesome.”

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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