Last week on American Idol, Jason Castro sang ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’, and the change he made to the sang was credited to a performance he heard on the web by artist Israel Kamakawiwo’ole . I loved the version of this song so much that I went and downloaded the original version. It is actually a combination of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ (sung by judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz) and ‘It’s a wonderful world’ (sung by Louis Armstrong) ((two great songs lyrically)).

This is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful, moving, uplifting, and at the same time, one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard. It is definitely one of my all-time favorites, and I urge all who come across this to give it a listen. The rest of his music had more of a Hawaiian flavor, but is still excellent.

He died back in 1997, and maybe I’m blogging old news, but being a self-proclaimed music buff and never hearing this before, I’m hoping to share this beautiful music with others.

I’d also be happy to burn copies of his music to CD and give to anyone, just ask. I guess good things can come from AI.

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