I first visited Jovial school and headmaster George last year while witnessing some of the worst slum living conditions in my life. I wrote about that experience here.

As we brought our BCK team back to Jovial for a similar experience, I find with the passing of time and being more comfortable with the daily lives of the Kenyans, places such as this don’t have the same shocking impact as they once did. Now I only look for opportunities to assist, ways to change the lives of these precious children for the better.

As the group is getting to know the children as they perform for us visitors ( it’s the way of showing appreciation for us coming to their school), I separate from the group a little and surround myself with some students, trying to get to know them individually.

Taking pictures is such an easy way to connect, and the simple joy it brings to them is indescribable. BCK leaves some educational supplies with the school, then as the kids break for recess, we see the school and its current issues as George explains what is needed for this school to survive. The termites will have devoured the floor by next year, and a concrete slab will be the only substitute.

George needs a new school built for Jovial. Although BCK is not in the school building business, we hope to spread the word to other non-profits so that George and Jovial can get the help they need.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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