As I was walking along the downtown riverfront of Pittsburgh, yellow kayaks were sporadically appearing up and down the three rivers that surround the city center.
After a quick search, I easily found Venture Outdoors next to the baseball stadium, filled out the paperwork of liability, and was on the water.
The waters were calm, more so as kayakers had to stay out of the center due to it being a highway for commercial and private boats.
If you wanted to cross the river, you just had to obey traffic, then bust your butt and paddle like crazy to get across before a large steamer ship could potentially ruin your day by plowing you into oblivion.
The cities many bridges taking on new appreciation as you find yourself underneath the mighty structures. The high rise buildings glow against the shimmering water from your new vantage point.
There is no better way to see Pittsburgh than from a kayak.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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