It all started with Aha Shake Heartbreak. I downloaded songs from the album, burned them to a CD and played them for my sis.

“It’s his voice!, I love it!”  I clearly remember her saying like it was yesterday, but the year was 2005, and Kings of Leon had yet to make it big with their commercially popular hit “Sex on Fire“.

In addition to the lead singer’s amazing voice, what drew me to the band was the fact it consisted of three brothers and a cousin.

I recall the stories of the lead singer getting birdshat in his mouth during a concert and walking off stage. Temperamental or not, I wanted to see them live for myself and come to my own conclusion. That happened last Saturday night at Sleep Train in Chula Vista.

Amazing lighting and technicals, with surprisingly dark and somewhat disturbing images on the massive screen behind them. I appreciated that they stuck to their artistic vision of what they wanted to portray in their music. One shouldn’t compromise to appease the masses.

The Mechanical Bull tour show was nothing short of spectacular. Enjoy clips of the show, with a couple songs from the new album.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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