I arrived into Houston late in the evening from Montego Bay, Jamaica. Time to get a good night’s sleep, as I was going to drive across the entire State of Texas the next day, and hopefully find myself in Lajitas ten hours later.

The drive was brutal, with a constant freezing rain coming down for the first six hours. Yet on my final hour as I entered the Big Bend National Park area, all my troubles and weary were washed away, replaced by the loneliest beauty of the eerily cowboy-esque landscape.
Lajitas is only a stones throw away from the Mexican border, and about thirty miles or so from the closest entrance to the National Park, but after much research before hand on places to stay in the area, I settled on Lajitas for its location, charm, and amenities.

The entire area is overflowing with cowboy charm and a real wild western vibe. Heads of animals adorn the walls, with old guns and fur pelts galore.
I found such peace and quiet here as I would wake up before dawn to watch the sunrise, drink some the best Texas beer on my porch in the evenings, sit in the dark over a crackling fire as the stars start to make their first appearance in the night sky.

I was ready to end 2017 with some of the greatest outdoor adventures in this place.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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