The safari jeep rolls down the dusty road, thick trees surround us as we go. All eyes are wide open searching for signs of wildlife in the Chobe, none of us really knowing what to expect.

We emerge from the thicket of trees close to the mighty river. For a moment I think I’m seeing a mirage through the leaves.I’ll never forget the sound of the mighty and graceful elephants walking along the river’s edge. Witnessing the family dynamics of the herd ; Father’s showing dominance through size and strength, Mother’s protecting their young. You can see into their eyes and know they are thinking about you, just as curious about us as we are them. It’s an epic feeling.Giraffes here bend in the most curious of ways to forage for food. I’ve never seen this type of flexibility before. It shows just how nimble and amazing these creatures are, and how adaptable to their environment. Nature surely is a wonder to behold.You can say it a million times and it never gets old or untrue, the skies of Africa are unlike anywhere else on the planet. Everything is bigger, more open and wild.As this may have been my last African safari for quite awhile, I treasure the people I shared the experience with even deeper. True bonds of friendship that were formed, unbreakable memories I hold dear.My love for the Motherland will never fade.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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