So what is the first thought that pops in your head when you hear anyone mention the State of…Utah. Let’s see…mormons, temples, Moab, Big Love. But wait, we have more than that to offer.


I just found out about the Living Traditions Festival last week. A celebration of Salt Lake’s folk and ethnic arts.

Who knew? not I. This was their 25th anniversary of the festival, and I went to check out the music of the Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars  ( you should check them out).

This festival, and seeing this band that has overcome so much in their home country, and knowing that in a few weeks I will be going on my own humanitarian effort in Kenya, was just what I needed to get me mentally ready.

The whole festival was an amazingly great time. I have already made plans to check out at least two other acts tomorrow. The weather may play a factor, but we’ll see.

Give a listen to Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars
As I was seeing them perform, all I could think about was the people I met when in Kenya last year. My spirit welled up with pride, and was reminded of a line from an e-mail received earlier this week from this year’s Co-leader of our humanitarian group, Ranger. He was speaking about his daughter, stating that  “ her skin may be white, but her heart is black” speaking in reference of her love of the African people.
I believe the same is happening to me….

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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