After a long week of frustration, road weariness, general disdain, and sleepless nights, I shrugged it all off and headed to Chiricahua Sky Island.
Rising to 9,763 feet in the Arizona southeastern landscape, this isolated mountain range is home to the Chiricahua Apaches.
The Apache call these pinnacles “standing up rocks”. They were formed 27 million years ago from the Turkey Creek Volcano that spewed ash over 1,200 square miles.
I couldn’t wait to immerse myself back into nature, and with a backpack of granola and water, I set out on the trails to explore this area.
Things were going quite well, and the scenic beauty was perfect for photo’s. That is until a little friend decided to appear on my trail….
I have two phobias. Sharks & snakes. ( Thank you Indiana Jones and Jaws!)
In all my outdoor adventures, I have yet to encounter a snake until this trip. So I knew that the odds were against me that I wouldn’t EVER see one.
I screamed and yelled ( if other hikers were around they probably thought….where is that foul mouthed little girl?),
but the little fellow didn’t move.
So I tried to scare it with a rock

But that plan didn’t work. The snake just looked at me with it’s evil little eyes. I could feel an immense panic attack happening, so before I became paralyzed with fear and ended up this serpent’s dinner, I used what adrenaline I had left, and ran and jumped over Mr. Snake.

Safely on the other side, I thought that I better take a picture of Mr. Snake.
Doesn’t orange mean that it is a Coral snake? and aren’t they the most dangerous?
But aside from that, this really is a mystical place. If you enjoy nature and rock formations, please enjoy this :

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  1. I love the B & W photos and the video. There’s nothing like just picking up and going into the wilderness. Or maybe even just away from other people / cars / work / shops /society. The music fits well with the pixs.

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