There is an ancient cave dwelling out here, or so I’ve been told. Southwest of the Vortex, bumbling along a dusty BLM road, I search the red rock desert for this place of healing and meditation.

There aren’t any trail markings for this place. This is attempt number two trying to find it. I settle on exploring Loy Butte canyon at 7am on a chilly December morning, a few days from Christmas.

Relatively cloudless and eerily quiet it is as I go. No sound from man or beast. I search the mountains for a cave, but to no avail. Eventually I summit, happy with the distance I’ve covered but the healing cave alluded me once again.

Since this area is free to explore, and camping spots are openly available as long as you are a bit adventurous, I foresee many return trips here over the winter months.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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