Lucius & Nathaniel

and now let us get back to the music.

The work week had just ended, and so I transition from the Business World to my truer self, into a more comfortable skin as I ready for the concert.

Last night I head back to Comerica to see Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats. I first heard them on the radio in Denver as some may recall, and seeing him open for John Prine was a true Americana musical experience.

I wanted to see them perform a full show as a headlining band to get more of that swagger, voice and style that is so uniquely the Nightsweats. But first, talking about unique, was last nights opening act, Lucius.

The sound was a problem for the first song of the night, but once that was fixed, I found myself transfixed with what I would call my first millenial band that played pop songs, at least that is how they are labeled. But Lucius is so much more than any label. So unique, beautiful voices, and most importantly, they were a band with something to say.

Some of the songs resonated better with the crowd than others, but that was just because sometimes the music was too out there for the conservative Arizona crowd. Do not miss the chance to see them!

Nathaniel makes his way onto the stage in dramatic fashion, and does not let up the entire night. Such Southern, soulful swagger with a distinct voice and style that makes you want the night to never end.

My favorite moment, if I was forced to choose one at gunpoint, would be S.OB. as the crowd was so into it. We sang loud and proud into the warm Arizona night, and it was glorious.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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