There were only four of us left on our last Sunday in Kenya, and only one that hadn’t been to see the Great Rift Valley before. We call Isaac ask if he’ll drive us out there.
“No problem.”
We stop to have lunch at a little Indian place, Isaac’s first time trying Indian food. He wasn’t a fan of the curry or spice, but enjoyed the dry chicken. We continue on….
As we take in the views, I remember the smallest church in Kenya is just a few clicks down the road.
“Can we go see it please?”
Mai Mahiu is the smallest Catholic church in Kenya, and one of the smallest in the world, holding a maximum of twelve people.
Built in 1942 by Italian Prisoners of War, it is a place shrouded in mystery and a rich history. Legend has it that a clock can be heard ticking but it’s existence can’t be found. Supposedly the Italians hid jewelry, rings, etc…within the walls.
Christians and Hindu’s are both allowed to worship here, but Muslims can only visit.
It only took a few minutes to visit. As we were walking out, a young mother with her child was outside, walking home from a day of working. We chatted for a minute as the child got used to seeing our white skin.
Another beautiful moment in my beloved Kenya.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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