Along the PCH in Malibu is a long pier jutting out into the Pacific ocean, with quite the picturesque building at the end. Curious minds find a place to park, and walk to discover more….
The Malibu Farms restaurant is at one end, the Malibu Farms Pier Cafe at the other. The restaurant has a long waiting line, not to mention high end ladies and fashionable men dressed in suit jackets sipping champagne and bourbon.
I walk the pier, looking in the buckets and coolers of fisherman to see their catch of the day. An enormous crab has most people’s attention.
I patiently wait in the shorter line at the cafe, place my order with a beautiful hipster, her long blond curls and snarled smile almost make me wish for a relationship again.
I write my number down on the chalkboard, and head upstairs to the patio where I can sip hard cider and watch kayakers, surfers and pelicans pass in and out of view.
Everything they serve is fresh and organic, and you can tell, it just tastes better.
I devour the food in meaningful bites, savouring the flavor and texture on my tongue as the ocean breeze tickles my skin.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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