Manitou Falls

Wisconsin’s largest waterfall is located on the top edge of this great State, in a part of the USA that one could truly call “God’s country”. I journey through the thick woodlands to find Manitou Falls in Pattison State Park.
The humidity is high on this day as I start my hike, heading the long way around the lake. I come alongside the Black river, called Mucudewa Sebee in native Ojibwa, which means “black” or “dark”. The root beer tint of the water comes from tannin leached from the decaying leaves and roots of vegetation along the river’s path. I come to my first waterfall, and sheepishly ask around to see if this is the largest waterfall.

I learn that this is only Little Manitou Falls, and continue on my hike towards her big sister.
The spirit of the Native Ojibwa Indian is as strong as the current in the river, flowing through me as I journey onward.

The humidity is zapping my strength quickly as I approach the roar of the mighty Manitou Falls. I cross through an underground tunnel to find Mother Nature in all of her glory on the other side.


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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