“Bonaventure Cemetery…1 mile.”

A small sign so indiscreetly placed along a simple highway that I missed it the first time.

Not that I was looking for another cemetery to explore….until my brain kept telling me that this particular burial ground was from the book Midnight in the garden of Good and Evil.

So I entered, the wind lightly parting the Spanish Moss to reveal a dusty road leading to the Dead of Savannah.

The stone face of a haunted angel follows me as I step to and fro amongst the graves. She deals out peace to those of us with demons that are strong in a place such as this.

I hear the sounds of old jazz notes floating by, a piano’s keys are being softly tapped. The music is a calming demeanor as I read the names and dates on the tombstones.


I find the numbers so finite, yet so mysterious. We go through this life only knowing one half of the final equation….

leaving Georgia on my mind until I’m blue at 2 a.m.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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