This story started with a single picture, as so many of these tales do, of a waterfall just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
It seemed to be a good start for my northward travels into the woods of Wisconsin. As I park and try to locate the trail, I find a small white house with a picket fence surrounding it. The home of  John H. Stevens, the birthplace of Minneapolis and Hennepin County.
A little further on down I see a foreboding face overshadowing the lush greenery of the park. The mighty Indian’s face calls to me.
It is the start of the path to the Falls, one that Longfellow called the “song of Hiawatha”.
If you had enough time and energy, you could follow this trail all the way from it’s starting point of the mighty Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, and see the life that has sprung from the mighty river.
I only have time though to get a quick bite to eat at a local restaurant next to the Falls. The Sea Salt Eatery has a wide variety of succulent seafood dishes, which is a pleasant surprise for a place in the park.
I choose the scallop tacos which hit the spot on this humid morning, then make way back onto the road….

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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