Mirror Lake flashbacks

The frost is covering everything in the early morning as Dad tries to get a fire started.
“Stay close you two, as Sasquatch has been spotted up here….”
I grabbed my little brothers hand tightly as we look for monsters. I was five years old.
I use my last twenty dollars to buy beer and worms. I need to catch fish since it is still a week until payday. I make my way around the Mirror Lake trail until I find a secluded spot to cast my line. The fish were small but plentiful.
We hike along the lake trail, exploring the streams and meadows. I find a fish in a shallow stream, and catch it with my bare hands. We build a mighty bon fire and tell stories deep into the dark night.
The next morning I awaken to a clear head and a life ahead of me that can go in any direction I choose.
I am caught in a flood of memories as I walk the entirety of the Mirror Lake trail.


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?