When BCK first visited this place, I mistakenly called the area Dandora. The industrial slum area of Nairobi is actually referred to as Mkuru Kwa Ruben. The feeling though has not really changed since we first saw it in 2012, it’s overwhelmingly eye opening, sad and full of desperation.

For safety’s sake and out of respect to the people that live in this area, I kept my camera hidden inside our vehicle. I did not want to appear unsympathetic to their plight by just snapping pictures of such horrid living conditions. I did feel it important though that the world see the trash piles of Mkuru Kwa Ruben, and the people living here.

In the midst of all of this, Jovial Community Learning Centre still stands, still teaches, still smiles and moves forward in a situation that most would have given up on long ago.

Build.Create.Kenya has been visiting this school since 2012, bringing supplies and hope to the students and teachers here. As we arrived, we were overjoyed to see some of the students wearing the Falcon Creek t-shirts donated last year by my co-team leader, Pauline.

George, the headmaster of the school, has been working diligently to make improvements to Jovial. He found another organization to build a sturdy toilet facility for the school, replacing the tin sheets they were using before. Stronger walls were visible as well. It was a testament in persistence to obtain what one needs.

After hearing songs of joy and even some poetry by the Jovial students, it was time to say goodbye. BCK hopes that one day we can do more for this school, as their classrooms are in desperate needs of stone walls to replace the tin sheets and wood currently being used.

Would you like to donate for this project?

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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