The buzzing sound could be heard, but I couldn’t find the source. My first thought was ; it is a drone, how sad and American is that?

As quickly as it came though, it was gone. Morning and evening the sound would return. After much investigation I came to discover that I was underneath the flight path of Batoka Sky micro flights over Victoria Falls.

Micro flight what???? I just had to try this, it sounded awesome. Rising before the sun the next morning, P and I walked a short distance to get ready….

Suited up in our flight gear, I was the first one to go. To me, the Micro Flight is a go-cart with wings. My pilot was a friendly Zambian chap named Pascal. After we went over the basic safety features ( keep your seat belt on, don’t make sudden movements, etc….) we were rolling down the dirt runway.

As the craft separated from the ground, my heart pounded in my chest and adrenaline was freely flowing. It was unlike any airplane lift off I’ve experienced.

We were floating in the heavens.

As Victoria Falls grew closer, I realized how close we were as the mist started to lightly pelt my face, the roar of the water going over the edge was gleefully deafening. My smile could not be eradicated.

After circling through the mist, Pascal took us down in elevation as we made our way up the Zambezi river. I thought we were heading back, but instead he surprised me…

“Can you see them?”

I looked and for a moment saw only the Zambian landscape, but then things started moving. Elephants, Cape water buffalo, and hippos were seemingly appearing from everywhere. I was surprised at how camouflaged they were, blending in perfectly with their environment.

As we came in for landing, I thanked Pascal and looked to the sky for P. I was curious to see how she liked it, as motion sickness can get the best of her.

I few moments later she landed, and ran up to me shouting…

 “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!”

Yeah, we liked it.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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