Underneath the lilac tree
I’ll close my eyes and suddenly
I’m 10 years old and running through
Open field, chasing after you
 Sounds of summer fill my ears
If I live 10,000 years
I’ll never feel as good as this
Moments before our first kiss
There is nothing to demand
No algebra to understand
Just sunlight on a freckled face
And everything in its right place
Simple things turn magical
Minutes freeze like Popsicles
They drip their seconds down our shirts
I love you so much it hurts
There’s no such thing as real time
I’ve been yours and you’ve been mine
And we’ve lived ever happily
Everywhere I’ve been, you’ve been with me
There is nothing to control
No question mark left on our souls
Just sunlight on a freckled face
 There is nothing to demand
No politics to understand
Just sunlight on a freckled face
Everything in its right place

And I want to give you
A brand new sky
Something so open
It brings tears to your eyes
So clear and so present
It doesn’t seem real
I wanna show you
How you make me feel

I wanna give you
A brand new dream
Where two horses drink from
A silver stream
As the trees catch fire
They lift their heads
And bolt together through the forest
Across our beds
  wanna bring you
Fields of flowers
I wanna build you
Eiffel towers
Take the clouds in the evening
Turn them into stars
And drop ’em like keys through
Your prison bars
Searching for you…

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