It’s the last day of 2021.

I find myself driving back home after my time with family for Christmas and my Canyonlands adventures, but with one final stop in Monument Valley. No better place to wish 2021 farewell and to welcome in a new year.

2021 was as exhausting and draining as 2020, and so I’m glad to start anew and hope for a better 2022. The Navajo Nation has jumped onto the AirBnB bandwagon, and I find a great accommodation. I’m ready to watch my Utah Utes play in the Rose Bowl while I finish off the last of the Christmas whiskey.

My time lapses are set up and ready to watch the dark skies out here. I can’t wait to see what type of show the Milky Way has for New Year’s Eve.

I wake to new snow covering the ground, a cloudless morning as the sun rises and illuminates the rocks and precipices of Monument Valley. I feel hopeful for the next 365 days.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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