More Birthday’s, Ensign Peak, and my new ride

  • So it has been a couple of weeks, so this post will try to include several items. First, i have set a goal to bike across the SLC valley by the end of the summer. Yesterday, i found the starting point of the Jordan River parkway in Rose Park by the Golf Course. I am excited to see if I can make it to point of the mountain by Fall. Yesterday, I also discovered Ensign Peak Nature Park. Call me super slow, but I had no idea this was here. It was established in 1996 (which only means it took me 12 years, but what’s the rush, right?) It’s a short mile hike to spectular views of the valley. My sweet new ride.
    Now that jared gave me his tripod to use, I will be experimenting with scenery and self potraits that will give viewers more to see than the inside of my nostrils.
    Memorial at the top of Ensign Peak
    Chillin’ at the top of the SL Valley on a perfect June day. I love the weather so far this year. I also had a new playlist for this hike. New bands that I love include Spacemen 3, the Kills, and The Warlocks. The perfect blend of spacey, psychedillica rock for a Sunday morning hike.
    Birthday pic’s for Jay Nay and C bug Cedar’s new ball. I would say that he was most pleased with this present out of everything.
    Janae’s “I love Bleeker” shirt from Juno. Sweet !
    Yankee lovers. Like Uncle, like nephew.
    Cedar getting some my little Piggy finger puppets.
    Sydney helping Cedar open his box of peaches (or so everyone thought, scottums you are most sly.) Turned out to be some stylish shorts so that he can look just like his pappa, and a cool transformers hat (pic of hat can be seen on main family page)

    Quite the SpongeBob and Patrick cake. It tasted as good as it looked. I still want the SpongeBob for the dash of my car if possible…
    Cedar wasted no time in testing it.
    and janae wasn’t far behind
    the first bite was so good, i’ll keep ’em coming now that I can master silverware
    Sydney having trouble showing interest. Uncle Scott sure loves your curly hair though. What an angel.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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