I’m so enamored with the band Iron and Wine that I flew to Toronto to see them live in 2011. So when I heard they were doing a few shows on the East coast of the US before taking off across the pond for their European tour this year, I looked up the cities to see what I could muster….

Portland Maine was their second to last US tour stop, a place I’ve always wanted to visit, and they were playing on a Saturday night. The stars aligned, and off I went.

I found a schmacy little seafood place, and gorged on succulent sea scallops, lobster bisque and red wine before the show.

The band was playing at the eclectic State Theatre in Portland’s historic waterfront district. A beautiful building on a perfect spring evening. Let the music begin…..

The opening act was a band from Alabama, Secret Sisters. They truly were sisters, genetically and in spirit. Harmonies and melodies that were as smooth as melted butter on warm toast. One listen and you won’t forget them.

Iron and Wine were amazing, as always. His new album has more big band instruments, but the lyrics are spot on, his presence on stage entertaining, and a rare treat this time around was for them to playing audience requests throughout the entire performance! I’ve never seen any band do that.

A special evening indeed.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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