Don’t know what this plant is, but I like it…
Flowering cacti (cool)
these vultures where hovering me the whole time I was hiking to the falls. then driving back I caught them in a group doing either a mating ritual, or just being vultures…..
this plant is everywhere from ELP to Carlsbad. some of them were over 9 feet tall easy.
freaking horses were all over the road. So i just stopped and took a photo…

proof that this blog ain’t made up.
Nature’s strength to survive no matter what the conditions. Literally growing from the Rock.
Prickly cactus in B and W
Nice yellow flowering cactus. The bee’s pollenating this plant were buzzing so loudly. I have video!
. Those who travel with me will know that a warning for speeding is par for any trip i embark on.

I love this picture for the face the holes in the rock face make. Reminds me of Jack the Pumpkin King.
After taking this waterfall pic, if you look closely (and use your imagination) you can see a sideview face in the Rock.
Sitting Bull Falls waterfall
a little cave that I hiked down to, but since i was in this place by myself, I didn’t venture any further (damn snakes).

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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