It was only a ten minute drive from downtown Pittsburgh that I found myself in the small town of Munhall.

A place most travelers wouldn’t ever happen upon, I would assume. I find the Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall steps a perfect place to view the town below, then decide to walk along its streets to get a feel for the place.The neighborhoods of America’s East coast are filled with houses seemingly built on top of each other, but not in the close cookie cutter way of the West. Here it seems to bring the community closer, as you find people talking over fences, and from one porch to the next as children run to and fro.

The Main Street is a mixture of Steel Mill past with rundown buildings and new construction trying to revitalize a city back to life.

People walk along paying no mind. The attitude of “life goes on” permeates the air here.

I circle back to the Carnegie steps, and rest on the stone listening to the sound check going on inside….

as more Hipsters start to line up and fill the streets of Munhall. For tonight, the small city filled with hard working folks gets invaded by the music lovers of Father John Misty.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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