So this 4th of July was not too bad, to be honest. My day started at 6am at Lakeside golf course (aka The Sponge) with me , Darin, and Pa hitting the links for a nice morning game of 9 holes. I had some good shots, and am improving with each game. It also helped that Darin and Dad totally sucked it up so that our scores looked to be pretty even. It’s the closest to first that I’ve came ( still was in 3rd though). After golf, I went with some friends and fam to go see the supposed 4th of July movie blockbuster, Hancock. How can Hollywood have such a great storyline premise, good actors, and an awesome twist, and still completely screw up the movie? I won’t say anymore for those that might see it, suffice it to say “LETDOWN”!!!!

After the movie, it was over to Darin and Janae’s for the building of the shed, part Deux. Luckily it wasn’t as hot as it was last weekend, and the wind was blowing. It started out a little rocky as the first thing we had to do was UNDO the support beams for the roof that we put up last weekend, as they were put together backwards. (Who was following the directions, HMMM?????) but once that was fixed, putting up the roof went fairly well. (at least no loud cursing was heard)

Aaron working hard at not falling on the precarious side wall while screwing in the rooftop Could we be in any closer quarters for putting up this roof. Comfortable, indeed?

are we done yet? Si Senor, Yo necessito un siesta…..
Finally, a smile from DJ while hanging out inside a mostly completely shed
And after the shed was completed, we all enjoyed a great BBQ put together by janae. Delicious buffalo burgers, chicken shiskabobs, cold lemonade, and costco fruit salad. Mmmmm….

Alright, there was one instance where Darin and Dad where having a discussion (argument) about some way to put in screws, or some nonsense.

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