I drop off my RZR and head on over to New River, the closest town to me. I was less than two hours from my home, but I would rather spend my weekends exploring new places.

Besides, this was my first time renting an RV to spend the night in. The neighborhood is hidden away from the highway in the beauty of the Sonoran desert landscape. The RV is located on the side of the owners home. A girl comes out of the house to meet me with a beer in hand and shows me the ropes of working the RV.

Five minutes later and I’m left alone.

I settle in just as the sun sets. Minutes later a storm rolls through, the rain making music on the RV rooftop. RV’s were a staple of family reunions when I was a child, and I fall asleep reminiscing about those years.

I awake in the pre-dawn, and realize that the I have no coffee for the coffee maker. I find a gas station and get my fix, then head back to the RV. Light starts to fill sky and I see some llamas in the yard of the ranch across the way from me.

Playful creatures they are. I lean against the fence sipping me coffee as I watch them move about. Rabbitts come out of hiding looking for a morning snack, dogs wake up and bark at me, a stranger to them.

I don’t want to wake the neighbors with the dogs barking, so I bid farewell to the llamas, rabbits and dogs and head on home.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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