Twas another glorious weekend at the Faire, and the full regalia was out.
I wander on over to the ancient art of glass blowing where a fine Lord and his lady are putting on a class while making a most beautiful vase.
From there, I across the courtyard and find myself enveloped in the hilariously nasty musings of two ugly washing well wenches. They have me in stitches from laughter, and wet from their flinging of dirty laundry.
I grab a turkey legg and some ale and rest in the cool grass for a Falconry show. All manner of interesting birds of prey fly close over my head, and I have to hide my legg of roast beast from both a hungry hawk and an African vulture.
Aye, it was another wonderful day at the Renaissance Faire.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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