Over the past few weeks I’ve encountered many a strange and wondrous creature at the Renaissance Festival.
I fell in love with a silent yet enchanting Living Fountain, who swayed her hips and pulled at my heart.
A raucous and rowdy clan of bagpipers filled the air with the beautiful St. Patty’s day sounds of Celtic songs, and we danced and cheered loudly, spilling our ales and laughing in triumphant jubilation.
I stood with a fairy whilst watching a mermaid blow underwater kisses to me as her tail moved elegantly through the water.
Her eyes gleamed with fantasy and wonder.
Crazy acrobats stunned the crowd with gravity defying feats and harrowing catching of moving swords. Kings and Queens sauntered the grounds, musicians played sweet sounds for little children under the watchful gaze of wise wizards.
All of this and more over my last few weeks being back in the time of the Renaissance.


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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