It started with a simple text message, trying to see if any of my friends were coming down to Arizona for the University of Utah college football in November.
Nobody was, but people were going to the Oregon State game in Corvalis, and I was asked to come along. The weekend was going to include a high rise apartment in downtown Portland for the weekend, wine tasting, seafood dinners, and crazy tailgating.
I signed up, and it didn’t disappoint.
From VooDoo doughnuts to crab stuffed salmon, late night peep shows in adjoining buildings, slamming beers in the van down to Corvalis, and surviving the hurricane while watching our beloved Utes beat down those pesky Beavers, it was a weekend well worth remembering….
at least that’s how I remember it, right Kermie?

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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